I talk about movies too much, I work in fashion, and I lead a Montreal life with Sarnia lungs. Riff Randall is my spirit animal.

whoops forgot I had tumblr

but in other news, random weeks in New York have been fun and the prospect of moving here post-grad is starting to feel real.



I wished they had links to every article, so I decided, in a rare moment of action, to compile it.
All the Single Ladies - Kate Bolick
How Serfdom Saved the Women’s Movement  - Caitlin Flanagan
The Hazards of Duke - Caitlin Flanagan
Marry Him! - Lori Gottleib
The Case Against Breast-Feeding - Hanna Rosin
The End of Men - Hanna Rosin
Why Women Still Can’t Have It All - Anne-Marie Slaughter
The Bitch is Back  - Sandra Tsing Loh
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off  - Sandra Tsing Loh
She’s Just Not That Into You  - Sandra Tsing Loh
Tales out of School - Sandra Tsing Loh
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Yeah, this is pretty clever.

"Post-proposal and pre-marriage was a very queer, awkward, bizarre stretch of time, too; in between all the wedding decisions (music, flowers, food), there were, of course, all the goodbyes. Goodbye to smoking cigarettes in bed and the golden days of sleeping til noon, goodbye-middle-of-the-night-google-sessions-devoted-entirely-to-all-the-boys-I’d-made-out-with, goodbye to my one-bedroom apartment and favorite ex-boyfriend sweatshirt, goodbye to that lost blue-eyed beauty in L.A. I always thought would one day run back. And then the hellos: hello talking about my feelings and wearing seatbelts and sunscreen and eating dinner with the TV turned off and putting away piles of underwear and always accounting for my whereabouts and Saturday nights spent on the couch reading in front of the fire. Not to mention hello safety, security, and my One True Love — the thing that makes it all worthwhile. Call it the end of an era, but to tell you the truth—as I walked down the aisle toward the men who asked me to marry him—it didn’t feel like I was walking toward the end of something, not at all. It felt like a beginning."
i’ve spent the entire morning researching wedding dress store/designers for work. it is absolutely horrifying. do married people not smoke in bed? do they not sleep in? why is sunscreen a definitively married thing? do i not have to wear a seatbelt because i’m single?  a sense of security is not worth putting underwear away.


Caption: You know a society is sick when education has become a commodity and the Grand Prix has become a societal project. 
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tellement vrai.

you know those places that you are always just dying to photograph? 


“Leak” Kay Rosen


A dog’s work is never done…





Just go James no one wants you around anyway

don’t be a tease,james


less talking more walking, james. 



real talk I am eating pudding and watching Girls in my office am I a grown-up yet? also I’m not wearing shoes and eating the aforementioned pudding with a coffee stir stick because I forgot a spoon.

fyi boys, I’m single.


does anyone hit this note in high school play versions or do they just change it